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Bart Allen is a superhuman adolescent with the power of Super Speed. He is a full-time member of the Justice League and goes under the codename Impulse.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Bart is said to be the fastest man alive. His super speed is so great that surpasseses even the the super speed of Superman.

  • Intangibility:Bart can vibrate his molecules to teh point he can pass through solid matter.
  • Super Stamina:Bart can run,move exercise far...far longer than a normal human without geting fatigue.

Early LifeEdit

On the TV SeriesEdit

On the TV series Smallville he is played by Kyle Gallner.He was first seen saving Johnathan's life and moved faster than Clark but in the process he stole Johnathan's wallet and later when Clark confronted him he said that it doesn't matter beacuse he will be a thousand miles away before Clark can blink but Clark responded: "I don't know I blink preety fast".Clark later shown him that stealing and running is not good so thats how Bart and Clark met.    

Kyle Gallner as Bart Allen in Smallville

In the ComicsEdit

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  • Bart Allen was portrayed by the actor Kyle Gallner. He first appeared in the fourth season of the TV Series. He reappeared in season six and eight, a picture of him was shown in the finale of season nine and he also appeared in a cameo in season ten but wasn't portrayed by Gallner but his face wasn't shown at all.