John Corben



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Full Name John Corben
Nickname(s) Metallo
Title(s) Metallo
Parents Unknown
Sibling(s) Rebecca Corben(Sister)
Additional Info
Status Alive
Job(s) Reporter for The Daily Planet
Powers and Abilities Super Strength
green Kryptonite emmision
Species Human
Number of Issues 1
Comic Appearances
First Appearance
Last Appearance
John Corben is a villian in Smallville TV series and comic book.He first started out as a reporter for The Daily Planet and then became a villian,when the Kandorian's gave him a green-Kryptonite heart which give him super-powers.In the TV series he is portrayed by Brian Austin Green. 
John TV series

Brian A. Green as John Corben in Smallville


In the TV series Edit

In the TV serie Smallville John Corben was Lois Lane's new desk partner when Clark Kent was missing.He blamed The Blur for his sister's death due to him not saving here and him being a irresponsible vigilante.John was hit by a car and was abducted by the Kandorian's and experimented on.The Kandorian's gave him a Green Kryotonite heart.This gave him various superpowers and was almost inpossible to beat to kryptonian's due to the Green K radiation,but Clark went against tougher things than John Corben and finally beat him.In season 10 he appeared again but has ben working as a super villian a member of Marionette Ventures lead by Winslow Schott/Toyman,his asigned target was Clark Kent's cousin Kara Kent/Supergirl.   

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As John Corben was given a Green Kryptonite heart by the Kandorian's exposure to kryptonite radiation as any other meta-human he gained superpowers.

  • Green-Kryptonite heart:John Corben's heart was a piece of green kryptonite which was attached into his chest.This made physical confrontation with him very hard to kryptonians so both Clark Kent and Zod had to fight him at a distance via Heat vision and artic breath.He had to recharge his heart by pouring liquid green kryptonite in.In season 9 Clark defeated him by sticking a heated piece of lead to his heart and thus making Clark healthy even in presence of green kryptonite.
  • Invulnerability:John's overall indurance and durability were enhanced to a extreme degree.Making him survive being attacked by zod and having pieces of the Fortress of Soltitude droped on him.
  • Super Strength:John had recieved higher strength beacuse of his heart.He was solely on par with kryptonian's due to his kryptonite heart.He was able to kick Zod through a wall in the Fortress of Soltitude.
  • Super Speed:John had super speed,shown by his kidnapping of Lois Lane in Metropolis in minutes.
  • Super Stamina:John had super stamina due to his implants.