Queen Industries
Vital Statistics
Founder Oliver Queen
Owner Oliver Queen
Management Oliver Queen
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Queen Industries is a company started by Oliver Queen's father which was murdered by Lionel Luthor.The companies main location is in Star City.The current CEO and Chairman is Oliver Queen.

History in TV SeriesEdit

In Smallville 2009 Tess Mercer and Oliver Queen merged their companies turning into Luthor-Queen Industries.Lionel Luthor (Earth-2) aquired the company but Tess managed to get it back.After Lex killed Tess the merger ended and Oliver was forced to rebuild Queen Industries.


  • Robert Queen: Former CEO
  • Laura Queen: Former Shareholder
  • Oliver Queen: Current CEO.



  • LexCorp (Formerly,Oliver Queen is current chairman) 
  • JL International
  • Textile Factory
  • Artemis Global Consortium