Expect his normal and regular suit Clark as Superman at the season 11 of Smallville has used some other suits when situations and threats like that of Black Flash.

Blue containment suit of Speed ForceEdit

Thanks to a containment suit created by S.T.A.R. Labs and Emil Hamilton to collect speed energy ,since Clark doesn't have a connection to the speed force, now with the suit he was able to use it to move faster than he ever did before, so as to reach Bart's Speed level. Also, thanks to the effects of the Speed Force, the radiation that Lex used to track him and prevented Superman to return to his life as Clark Kent was removed, allowing him to go home.

Superman blue costume speed

Armored SuitEdit

This suit was created by Batman for Superman. It's purpose was to protect Superman from kryptonite radiation. At the second Arc of Smallville Detective Superman wore the suit and with Batman they went after Prankster and Freeze.