Wonder Woman like we all no is coming at Smallville at the current arc of Smallville Olympus! We will characters from Diana's world and we will see this new and more modern I think version of Wonder Woman! Superman and Diana will be chasing Felix Faust! We can also see that Hades will take part at the Olympus Arc! What's the purpose of the Underworld God? What do you think?

SMVL18 CMYK print

Also at the Cbr we found that: The audience cheered again when “Smallville” popped up on screen as writer Miller teased Diana Prince AKA Wonder Woman will be making her appearance in the comic.

“How she may have met Steve Trevor is slightly different in this than in whatever continuity you’re used to,” Miller said, adding that the story will be named “Olympus.” He then spoke about special issue “Hallow” that is a “psychological thriller with Lex...” dealing with his hologram sister Tess, Miller said.

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